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Our technical experts offer a comprehensive bespoke problem solving and investigation service, utilising their specialist knowledge of all aspects of textile and garment production including fibre analysis, physical, chemical and analytical testing.

HSTTS can offer independent services in respect consumer complaint investigation and identification of faults in textile and related products, including:

  • Light fastness issues with carpets
  • Garment shrinkage
  • Garment discolouration and yellowing
  • Corrosion of metal fittings
  • Skin irritation issues
  • Permanent staining from contact between textile surfaces
  • Early physical breakdown of corporatewear
  • Bulk v sample’ differences
  • Colour variation between and within pieces or garments
  • Contaminant fibre analysis and identification

HSTTS can also assist in providing a range of information to assist clients with their textile product testing in many areas including:

  • Fitness for purpose testing
  • Durability and ageing studies to determine product life
  • Due diligence programmes
  • Advice on legal compliance
  • Independent and objective testing protocols

HSTTS also offer a consultancy and technical support service whereby advice is provided on all manner of textile issues such as:

  • Advising on assessment and testing results
  • Technical advice for textile and garment safety
  • Current legislation including the General Product Safety Directive 2005.
  • Design and preparation of bespoke training courses for clients
  • Additional ongoing training and education of clients by email query.
  • Design and preparation of quality manuals, specifications and test methodologies

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